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Central's Adventurer club is for children in grades 1-4, as well as pre-school (Little Lamb) and Kindergarten (Eager Beaver). The program aims to strengthen the parent/child relationship and further the child’s development in spiritual,physical, mental, and social areas.


The Adventurer Club provides fun and creative ways for children.

  1. to develop a Christ-like character;
  2. to experience the joy and satisfaction of doing things well;

  3. to express their love for Jesus in a natural way;

  4. to learn good sportsmanship and strengthen their ability to get along with others;

  5. to discover their God-given abilities and to know how to use them to benefit self and serve others,

  6. to improve their understanding of what makes families strong.

Adventurer Pledge

Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best.

Adventurer Law

Jesus can help me to:

  • Be obedient
  • Be pure
  • Be true
  • Be kind
  • Be respectful
  • Be attentive
  • Be helpful
  • Be cheerful
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be reverent


North American Division of Adventurers