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To Be, To Go, To Serve

Men doing ministry with and for men and the community--that's what Men's Ministries is all about. We are about more than the traditional service club, or "knife and fork" kind of meetings. Not that those don't have their place. However, our Men's Ministries is just what the title says; it's about ministry.The men of Central are definitely on the move for the Lord. They have a church-established group of "Central" men whose mission is to seek and provide unique services to Central members and others in the spirit of Galatians 4:13-14..."We have been called to service one another."Our goal is to create points of connection that encourage relationships which in turn result in more Godly living. Focusing on the men in our church and community, it is our hope to achieve this goal through education, cooperation, unification of purpose, understanding and acceptance. This is accomplished by:

  • Ministering to one another, getting to know each other better, encouraging one another spiritually, and demonstrating love for one another and oneness in Jesus Christ;

  • Praying for one another, the church, its activities and leadership;

  • Mentoring  young Adventist men, encouraging their involvement, and creating paths for them as they reach for their full potential in Christ;

  • Working together for the common cause of advancing the Kingdom of God.

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