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MISSION STATEMENT: God Is… Drama Ministry is a Christian performing arts troupe designed to affirm, support and
inspire people to establish a true relationship with God.

HISTORY: God Is… Drama Ministry began in 2007 at Central SDA church as part of a collaborative citywide
Youth Ministry Department under the direction of Rachel Jennings.  In attempt to generate another avenue of creative,
effective, involvement of our youth in outreach ministries, the ministry was born.  Within the first year, God Is… performed
in Canada and at the Allegheny West Conference Camp meeting while aspiring to be a successful traveling group.


  1. To instruct each member in development of skills in communication, public speaking and dramatic presentation.
  2. To serve as a witnessing team- to spread the gospel message with special emphasis in reaching the youth of today.
  3. To expand the work of community service in our local, national and world community.


  1. To Share
    • Of our personal experiences that have made a difference in our personal relationships with Christ
  2.  To Affirm
    • The youth of the church who are striving to remain faithful in the last days
    • Youth church leaders who continue to work with the youth of our church
  3.  To Preach
    • The Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • The soon coming of Jesus and the need to prepare to meet him
    • The Three Angels Messages
  4. To Inspire
    • Presenting relevant, contemporary issues with Bible based solutions
    • Young people to put their trust; their lives in the Lord Jesus Christ
    • Other young people of the joy of giving of their talents to God’s Service 

Anyone is able to join, just keep coming to rehearsal! We rehearse each week following AY. (April through November
we meet at 5:30 pm; while December through March we meet at 7:00 pm)

If you are interested in having the drama ministry perform at your church or function, please contact Rachel Jennings at
(937) 304-7630 or at GodIs.DramaMinistry@yahoo.com